Top 10 Most Scary Movies Of 2012 | English Horror Movies Of 2012 List

 Check out here the List of Most Scariest and Horror Movies Of 2012

Scary movies from Hollywood have always been a big draw with movie goers the world over. Since ages horror movies have ranked amongst the best movies of the year. The year 2012 saw the release of many horror films some of which turned out to be great revenue earners. The best horror movies of 2012 – in terms of storyline and revenue earned- have been listed below.

The Bay

"thebay" poster of horror movie

thebay” poster of horror movie


Starring Kristen Connolly, Jane McNeill, Christopher Denham, this movie earned a revenue of $31 million  and is still going strong in the box office. The film revolves around an untold story of a deadly menace which hit a small seaside town of Maryland. The tragedy which claimed nearly 700 lives remained unknown to the world because of a massive cover-up till a reporter brings out the truth from those who survived the horror. The film has been directed by Barry Levinson.

House at the end of the


"house-end-of-the-street" Horror movie of 2012

house-end-of-the-street” Horror movie of 2012

After divorce Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) and her daughter Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) move to a rural town. Soon frightening events begin to happen, Mother and daughter, much to their horror, discover, that they were next door neighbors to a house, of a girl who killed her parents, before disappearing. Her brother, Ryan (Max Thieriot), was the sole survivor. Elissa falls in love with Ryan – and soon the two find themselves pushed into terrifying experiences. Made with a budget of $7 million the film has earned more than five times the amount. House at the End Street has been directed by Mark Tonderai

Silent Hill 2: Revelation

silent hill -  horror Movie 2012

silent hill horror Movie

Directed by Michael J. Bassett this movie cost the producer $20 million. It has raked in $ 48 million and is still counting in the box-office. The protagonist, Heather Mason is on the run from dangerous forces that she does not fully understand. On her 18th birthday, she discovers she is not who she thinks she is. The revelation leads plunges her in a demonic world and she almost finds herself trapped in Silent Hill forever. The film stars Adelaide Clemens, Sean Bean, and Radha Mitchell

The Cabin in the Wood

The-Cabin-in-the-Woods-Poster-the-cabin-in-the-woods- Horror Movie

The-Cabin-in-the-Woods-Poster-the-cabin-in-the-woods- Horror Movie


Directed and co-written by Drew Goddard and co-written and produced by Joss Whedon this story revolves around five friends who travel to a remote cabin for a holiday and fall into the trap of supernatural forces while being observed via hidden cameras by mysterious office workers. The horror aspect is intensified by invoking cosmic horror involving giant ancient gods to reality being an illusion–Cabin. This film is to mainstream horror what The Matrix was to mainstream science fiction. The film was made at an estimated budget of $30 million. Shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, the film was a huge success, and roped in over $65 million worldwide.

The Awakening

The Awakening - Horror Movie

The Awakening – Horror Movie








Florence Cathcart (Rebecca Hall) has devoted her career of calling the bluffs on supernatural happenings. On being approached by Robert Mallory (Dominic West), the teacher of a boarding school to investigate the death of a student after other students reportedly sighted the dead boy’s ghost, she decides to take on the case. What seemed to be a schoolboy prank, soon gives way to something terrifying and she was soon overtaken by strange phenomenon that belied her idea about supernatural occurrences. Directed by Nick Murphy, this film was made with a budget of $6 million.

The Kill List

The Kill List - Horror Movie

The Kill List – Horror Movie


This is a chiller masterpiece meant for those who can dare to see it through its end. Though it is not a true horror picture it is no less a thriller than a blood curdling horror picture. More of a hit-man action-thriller, the story is about an ex-soldier turned contract killer. Soon the hired killer finds himself plunged into darkness. He soon finds himself set in the path of paranoia and fear sand realizes much to his horror that he has set himself on a course to no return. This psychological horror film will send a chill down the spine of the kind never felt before.

 Paranormal Activity

paranormal activity 4 Horror Movie

paranormal activity 4 Horror Movie






Made with a budget of $ 5 million this film has grossed a whopping $140.7 million. Five years after the disappearance of Hunter and Katie, young Alice begins is exposed to strange and inexplicable phenomena at her home. Frightening experiences slowly turn paranormal. Starring Dianna Agron, Katie Featherston, Brady Allen the film is directed by Ariel Schulman


Sinister-movie- horror poster


Directed by Scott Derrickson this film made with a modest $3 million has till date earned $50.2 million. The movie stars Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, James Ransone. This scary thriller is another chilling tale from writer-director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The story revolves around a crime novelist who runs into a box of mysterious and scary home movies that boomerang on him with supernatural horror.


VHS - Most Scary Movie 2112

VHS – Most Scary Movie 2112








A group of criminals is hired to retrieve a rare piece from a dilapidated house. As the criminals begin their operations they run into a lifeless body before old television sets, surrounded by stockpiles of VHS tapes. While they search for the right one, they come across a number of horrifying videos, each stranger than the last. Starring Calvin Reeder, Lane Hughes, and Adam Wingard, the film has been directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and David Bruckner.

The Apparition

The-Apparition Horror Movie-2012-Front-Cover.jpg











Young couple Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben (Sebastian Stan) all of a sudden begin to experience frightening happenings in their home. They soon discover that a university parapsychology experiment had started haunting them. Finally they seek the help of supernatural (Tom Felton) , but it’s already too late. The film has been directed by Todd Lincoln.

For ghost story lovers 2012 has offered a lot to relish upon. All the above listed quality creepers will remain popular for years to come.

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