Starbucks Social Media Marketing Strategy: New Campaign & Plans For 2011

Any business that claims and proves to put people before business often experiences consistent success and Starbucks is an excellent proof of the phenomenon. There are a lot of companies out there that talk about involving customers more actively in the process of making new products and marketing them. There are a variety of options available in today’s media-led world to this end. Social media promotion is being touted to be one of the most effective and probably the best possible promotional medium for promotion, especially in the urban sector.

starbucks Pumpkin Pic

starbucks Pumpkin Pic

Social media is pretty much available to everyone, and it is cheaper and wider reaching that many other media, which makes it an increasingly indispensible of media marketing for any company. However in the multitude of companies that attain success in the social media marketing sector, Starbucks comes across hands down as the ultimate winner. It has been named the most popular consumer on the social web according to a latest survey by the UK based Fame count. However it is not mere numbers that make Starbucks the pioneer of the field, but it is the way those numbers are built.

Strategies That Worked For Starbucks!

The basic strategies followed by Starbucks are based on the simple fact that engaging an existing large base of ever growing customers can have a rather positive effect. One of the typical strategies that make Starbucks so popular on the social media front is the concept My Starbucks Idea. This is a consumer portal that allows the customers to share any ideas or suggestions they have on how to improve the whole “Starbucks Experience.” One of the biggest things about Starbucks is that its prices are premium, which means that the pricing is not just catering for coffee; it also includes the feel and experience. While many people might have ideas, it is vital as to how these ideas are being chosen in a way that lets them keep their existing customers, as well as attract new ones.

The Starbucks ideas in action which is the counter part of the Starbucks idea website is quite unique and innovative. This is where customers get to see the ideas that have been implemented, why and how behind it and also their various reactions to information from customers. The fact that these are written by various Starbucks employees adds a genuine air and freshness to the website. Great thing here is that the blog comments are enabled unlike many other companies, thus valuing the opinion of the customers further.


Brands on Social Media

Brands on Social Media

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Starbucks Twitter Followers and You tube Promotional Strategies

Like everyone else on the planet, be it a company, organization, club or a school, Starbucks too is no stranger to the twitter phenomenon. It has a credible number of over 177,000 followers. While there isn’t anything ground-breaking and innovative about this account, it handles direct and indirect consumer issues and complaints, makes news announcements and talks to customers directly. The same scene has been observed with respect to Face book – the fact here is that while the account is pretty common place and like many others, it operates on the simple fact that social networking and resultant marketing potential on Face book is extremely huge due to the fact that a majority of its clients and potential clients can be reached through the social networking website.

Other successful efforts of Starbucks employing social media marketing include Starbucks on YouTube. The YouTube channel with a considerable following of 4800 members has interesting things like commercials, informational videos and even those of their charity work. This helps people relate more to the brand as they get to know more about it and feel intimate.


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