How Blackberry & Not Twitter, Facebook Fuelled under the London Riots

Blackberry & Not Twitter, Facebook Fuelled under the London Riots

Blackberry & Not Twitter, Facebook Fuelled under the London Riots

In the midst of all the heat that London is facing, it has come to light that there was another fire raging underneath. This was more lethal and tough to put out, it was the fire called people and their words!

Today, when everyone has a facebook account or a twitter account, the one thing that stood out during the riots was the Blackberry usage. Of course, there was a huge amount of chatter on the popular sites of Facebook and Twitter, where the latter was also used by people across the world to show their anger and share their views on why the riots were raging, or what the looting was all about.  But, while Twitter was the platform for people sharing their opinions and voicing their hatred towards the media, it was the non public BlackBerry messenger app, BBM- the Blackberry Messenger that had a hand in the breakouts

Armed with Smartphone’s, kids, gangs and other angry youth have discovered a weapon that connects them all, and one that can fight the social media much more and with ease. Though Smartphone’s are high end, Blackberry has models which are quite affordable and has been known to be used the most among the youth across the world. The ease of use, the free non public Chat apps are some of the highlights of this device.

There were tweets that mentioned how news was spreading via the BBM, and people were sharing information they received through the same on their Social media networking websites.

Within a flash of a second, messages can be exchanged between millions of Blackberry users, which is probably what brought the Canadian based Research In Motion under attack during the riots. And, news has it that RIM’s blog was hacked within minutes of RIM agreeing to work with the British Police in the riots case.  Though this does not mean BBM is bad or Blackberries should be banned, it does bring to the front that there are modes of creating havoc or spreading news, one that is far more effective and going beyond the internet world and the social networking sites floating around it.

Hopefully, the London riots was just one case where Blackberries proved to be a problematic issue. One must also look at these smart phones objectively and realize this very BBM could help out people in distress or solve puzzles.

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