Lives Shattered After Blast In Delhi High Court: Suspect’s Sketches Released

Delhi bomb Blast 2011

Delhi bomb Blast 2011

New also revealed that Wednesday was a day when the High court was full in action and there were more people in the premises than on any other day. They had no idea why or who was behind it, just that the day had gone off to a rocking start, literally. The entire city shook with the impact of the blasts that occurred right outside the Delhi High Court. It seemed as if the perpetrators behind this bomb attack where waiting for the Anna Hazare issue to subside.

It was the day when people came to file public interest litigations or taking up similar stances. Had the bomb attach happened on any day but that one day, the death toll would have been much lower.

It has been a few months since the last bomb attack and the City was just coming to terms and getting back to normalcy when this bomb attack took place. Police are digging as much as possible to find out who is behind these attacks, if they are bombers or terrorists, where they were from and the purpose behind the blasts.

Speaking to the press few hours after the bomb blast, the Prime Minister did mention that they have recovered some clues, and have a few leads regarding the bombers.  He also stressed on the lack of security around the High Court which must be rectified immediately. Even though special measures were taken since the Mumbai attacks, it was still obviously not enough, it had not kept the bombers away or led to security sniffing them out before the blasts.

There have been sketches made of who might be the men behind these attacks, but nothing is confirmed and no one knows which group they belong to either!

The one thing that has been done since the Delhi court attack is tightening of security across the country and in all entry and exit points as well.  Calcutta especially was put on high alert with the Police force working round the clock, ensuring the people who came in or left did not possess any explosives.

The Chief Justice in Delhi Court has insisted the security be notched up further around the Supreme Court instantly, albeit any attacks were planned.

There is rumour that the bombs were made using PETN which is why it was so hard to detect. This is the same substance that was used way back in 2009 in the Northwest Airlines Flight 253. But the fact is more than 10 have lost their lives and nearly 80 are injured…

delhi-blast- suspect-sketch-1

delhi-blast- suspect-sketch-1&2


Suspect’s Sketches of Delhi Bomb Blast

Wonder what next? Wonder if the police and security forces will trace the culprits and put them away? Keep reading, and watching this space for updates! What we need is awareness among general public, we use social networking sites for fun but can we used to find these suspects.   Help the police by posting the pictures of suspects on social networking sites like facebook, twitter. This way we not only

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