Players Movie Released Today: Read How They Use Social Media to Create Buzz

Players - Go For Gold Release Today

Players - Go For Gold Release Today

Among the new releases,Players is right on top.  There are debates on whether the movie will be better than Dhoom2 or fall flat, since it has a similar racy plot. Abhishek Bachchan, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bipasha Basu along with Sonam Kapoor star in this movie.  Well, on the offset, it is a remake of the legendary Hollywood movie The Italian Job, but will this Indian version pull off such a heist? After a series of movies on Robbery and Mafia and Con, Players is all set to prove its worth in the Bollywood scene.

The original Italian job was released in 1969, and subsequently there have been a few remakes, which have done full justice to the original. It is a movie that has a simple plot, yet directed using high end technology and action sequences. It is all about stealing gold worth over 35$ million from Venice bringing it back to Los Angeles. There are the many channels of venice that are maneuvered, action sequences on boats, quite a few twists and turns even after the robbery is completed. In Players, Abhishek is Charlie the man behind the robbery mission who puts together the entire plot down to the last detail. They have a window of 10minutes to set in place and complete the mission. Neil Nitin is Spider the man who killed Naina’s Dad, a player, a gambler and the ultimate crook. Will Bollywood match up to this or will be there be a Desiness to the movie? Music has been composed by Pritam.

Even though there were rumours of the movie release coinciding with that of Don2, Players hits theaters today, Jan 6th 2012

Marketers have gone all out for this movie; they are using both the traditional and modern modes of marketing, which includes online promotions as well.  There is a facebook page created for the movie, where sneak peeks, trailers and little trivia bout the movie and the actors are being shared.

There was news about the New Zealand Prime Minister made a surprise visit during the shooting of the movie. This was the 1st time a New Zealand deligatory was visiting a Bollywood movie set.  Since quite a few scenes have been shot in Wellington & Auckland, the Prime Minister made it a point to visit the set. This was used as a stint to promote the movie and gain extra mileage.

players facebook profile

players facebook profile

Players has also been promoted extensively across the country with the cast and crew making a visit to different cities, conducting road shows and music launches with much fanfare. Abhishek was seen posing for pictures with fans, autographing the CDs before giving them to the public and such. Neil Nitin Mukesh was seen promoting the movie at JW Marriott in Mumbai, giving press interviews and trying to create as much visibility for the movie as possible.

Check The Facebook Official Page of Players, check the numbers, social media marketing done Ignitee. 

The cast of the movie also spent a few hours playing Bowling, and chatting with the crowd that had gathered at a promotional event organized by PVR cinemas in Mumbai. Abhishek Bachchan, Charlie of Players was creating quite a rave among the fans in Delhi, and the videos were shared online across portals. Looks like the movie is all set for a big release and hopefully it will fare well in the box office!

Will share The Movie Review soon

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