RIM Introduces BBX Platform For Smartphones, Playbook

blackberry Launches-playbook-

blackberry Launches-playbook-

After the last week’s chaos with Research In Motion, they have now moved on and have now held an event to launch the BBX platform for the new upcoming devices, but they have not given a date for the same.

BBX will be replacing the current antiquated software used across the various models of Blackberry along with a package built around their QNX system. This is infact the system that works like a charm on the PlayBook. RIM is working towards beating the other Android and Apple phones that are already termed as being faster and high power devices.

The company is also looking at bringing in more Apps for the PlayBook tablet not just for the existing users but for future customers. RIM actually made a statement that they are giving developers a tool and platform to adapt the Android programs suitable for their Playbook, which has not been selling too well since it made its debut in April 2011.

Developers from around the world were excited but had a similar reaction as other loyal users while they waited for RIM to begin the event and roll out the much awaited announcement.  They were all waiting to see what the new hardware was!

With so much happening in the market and with technology, it was quite a surprise that RIM kept their lips sealed and still managed to get people interested and curious. After the launch of the PlayBook, people were expecting to hear about the concept of emails coming in to the device without any link to the Blackberry. Hopefully it is the next thing coming into the Tablet

Going by the market trends, it has become evident that the break in connectivity where in users from across the world were left lost , with no updates, no emails because RIM was going through server issues, many are thinking about and some have already switched phones. Blackberry might not be able to hold on to the market that was theirs if they don’t launch something new and appealing to their millions of users.

Investors seem neither excited nor disappointed with what is happening at RIM. The share prices rose 3.6% on Tuesday but then the stock is not faring too well since then, only time will tell the impact of the glitch. The outage was the beginning of  a ripple of setbacks for RIM that only shows that the company is struggling over the years to stay put in the market.

“The biggest mystery with RIM is when we are going to see this on devices that people can actually buy,” said Scott Michaels. Scott is the Vice president at Atimi Software,  the company that is into developing phone applications for various major brands.

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