iBall Slide Tablet Hits Indian Markets : Find Price And New Features



iBall Slide Tablet Launched For Rs 13,995

After mobile phones, it is now the rage of the tablets hitting the markets across the world. Adding to the flurry of new gadgets in the country, iBall has launched the slide tablet as well. It is priced around Rs13,995  and should hold its own against the various other tablets. Since there are so many brands and sizes of tablets arriving in the market, the ones that are priced good and of a reliable brand are the ones that will sell fast and appeal to the mass.

This particular tablet from iBall promises to be better than the Apple’s iPad, and infact looks a lot like the iPad. When entering a market where the Tablets already available are all priced between 25000 and 35000Rs, this iBall’s tablet will sure have people vying for it, atleast to play around and understand its functionality.

People are always looking for value for money, and so in that category the iBall’s slide tablet has already won the race, though actual sales will reveal its actual success.

When a person looking for a handy device to carry around and to work on, the tablets have today become the only option, and in that too the available brands were quite limited- it was either the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Tab was launched at 7” and now has various options, ranging upto 10”, which means people will go for it, but wont be able to carry it in their pockets, and it is definitely not high when it comes to battery life. Similar story goes for the Motorola Xoom, which is doing reasonably well outside India, but yet to find a market space inside the country.

The features of the iBall slide tablet are:

7-inch multi-touch screen,

1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor,

2 megapixel front camera,

8GB built-in memory with 32GB SD card slot

USB host and

HDMI output

Apart from all these cool features, the Tablet runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which is the latest in operating systems. It has also been observed that the tablet offers good battery life and it allows users to watch videos and movies for nearly 5 hours at a stretch on a single charge.

Even though Spice and Reliance are offering tablets at a lower cost, the iBall is likely to fare better because of the features and ease of use. The only downside on this iBall tablet is that the design is such that the 3G card needs to be plugged into the tablet, which means it will be protruding outside. This might not be the most safest and comfortable way to use a service. Therefore, most people will rely on the wi-fi which would make it easy to browse.

Only time will tell how the iBall is performing and if it is indeed a competitor for the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab!

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