Ways in Which Facebook Timeline Can Radically Change the Scenario of Brands

Brands are very interesting:

A unique image that sums you up.

A unique image that sums you up.

Facebook had unveiled Timeline last week. Timeline had lots of impact on brands. The benefits of Timeline were very large and this let the companies more engaging. It is one of the main reason that beyond the 800 million users, there would be much more users who would be celebrating these changes in facebook even if they have not confirmed about these pages. There are much more reasons of why there would be great impact on brands.

It is always a fact that people get more attracted by pictures and visuals rather than just reading the stories or words. Hence, this idea has clicked Facebook to this much extent. Thus, the Facebook has been able to get so much impact on brands. Facebook has displayed photos on the main focus of the Timeline profile.

Comparison between the old Facebook and the new Facebook:

In the old Facebook the brand page allows only profile pictures and five thumbnails that can be customized. They hide the photo albums and the tagged photos beneath the walls. However, Timeline unlocks the new possibilities for branding by raising awareness and more creativity. They have a resolution of 840 by 312 pixel photo spanning at the top of your profile and you can change the profile picture at any time and this is the major real estate for brands. It is perfect for a promotion purpose. In addition to this, brands can call out important photos on Timeline by just clicking on a star on the post and then it expands the photos in a bigger screen.

Memorable posts, photos and events.

Memorable posts, photos and events.

facebook old look

facebook old look

At present, the Facebook “Info” tab provides as a dumping place for all the information about the brands in a very boring text format. When there is a choice for the paid media to choose Facebook or brand site, brands get confused of making their community larger or just more information elsewhere. Nevertheless, the situation is changing now. At present, decision is getting in favor of Facebook because of the launch of Timeline. This is because, Timeline makes it easier for people to know the information by just moving the info tab, apps, map and photos to the top of the navigation bar.

The conversation on Facebook matters; information and the content have become prominent in Timeline design. Scrolling infinitely prolongs the lifespan of the brand content, thus giving people more to consume and engage that will lead to more chatting and focus can be done on quality of the posts over quantity.

Focus of Facebook:

The focus of Facebook is shifting from conversation to sharing content, the main purpose of the brand page will be much less about selling and it would be more on telling about the authentic story. Brands convey in what ways they are unique and they build an emotional connection with the people behind the scenes videos, photos, real time pictures, news and sound clips.

Final shift of Facebook:

Brands, particularly small business start creating a blog with a unique domain page and people would opt for Facebook Timeline because of huge people using them. Thus, the impact on brands by the Facebook timeline is not just another episode; it is going to become a big hit.

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