Nutella Marketing Plan, Strategy and Campaign on Facebook and Twitter

Advertising and marketing plan of Nutella

            Nutella is a great stuff in a hazelnut spread with cocoa and milk in it. It is very good on fruit and pretzels. One of the greatest problems of Nutella was the packaging. There was much difficulty when people ate half of Nutella and kept the remaining for future. However, there was not comfortable lid that helped in closing the Nutella.

Packaging design:

The main mission was to repack Nutella in a squeezable container thus making it more convenient and efficient product. The squeezable tube helped in eating Nutella easier without any mess. The tube that is going to be implemented is made in such a way that it can be used in household. Children would be able to use them by themselves without the help of the parents. Nutella would not need any refrigeration and hence it can be used during long journeys, picnics and parties. Nutella inside the tube is more of fun and less of mess. By this was of packaging, Nutella could stay longer and fresher.

Marketing strategy:

There have been various occasions where Nutella has been organizing events for making their marketing strategy stronger. They had conducted 50th anniversary with the Disneyland with the release of Nutella NuSqueeze. With the help of the Disneyland symbol it would be very attractive for children. Hence, children would be more interested in picking up the product. The main target for Nutella is children as they are the decision makers. Hence, it is very much necessary to make Nutella attractive for children.

They feature a thirty second commercial segment during the morning cartoons and advertisements in parenting magazines. The commercial was to promote the product with the new packaging that would be children friendly and much attractive. Television advertising was also a major target for Nutella. Advertisements can influence children in a easiest way. Reliability is one of the key factors for building trust. This can be achieved by advertising in television and in magazines. They had the confidence that when Nutella reached the market and it became familiar, later people would start buying it regularly.

There was also a taste-test and demonstration of the product through a secondary company focusing on the satisfaction of the product. Through the surveys, it was very much easier for finding the opinion of the people.

Nutella Facebook Profile

Nutella Facebook Profile

Nutella Facebook Profile:

12,096,235 : Like This

87,097: Talking About This

Twitter Campaign:


Nutella has been one of the most profitable Companies after their promotion of product by changing the packaging. A product’s usage can differ when the quality of the product is good and when the product can be used by people very easily. Thus, implementing the market strategies is vital for the growth of the Company. The important point that has to be implemented is to know the right audience and target them according to the category of the product. Hence, Nutella has followed and implemented the best way of targeting the children.

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